On top of the player's inconsiderate playing style Additionally, the game's AI might cause more problems. Even at lower levels, the AI in Madden 23's beta made some Godlike moves that Madden 23 coins   are almost unimaginable.

Sometimes during play, there was a few instances when collisions were never detected as the ball would move through players, and at times there would be bizarre in-game effects. On the sidelines, coaches and players would sport arms that were rainbow-colored or rainbow-colored completely.

Fans could look a bit smug however, at other times, they'd look like they were in agony. After a huge performance, players have the option of celebrating; occasionally, this celebration would go off without a hitch, but sometimes, weird things would happen. These bugs made me think of some of the horrifying moments from WWE 2K20.

As a child in the game of Madden, Madden 23's beta hasn't convinced me enough to put my money into EAs latest game, let alone come back to the Madden franchise. The foundations are there for Madden NFL 23 to be an excellent football game but from what I experienced during the beta, it is still a long way for improvement.

If you're a staunch fan of the Madden franchise, then you'll appreciate Madden 23; however should you be someone who's tired of the direction Madden has taken, I'd suggest avoiding it, or take a look at the beta version that is  cheap mut 23 coins  open to everyone. Best case scenario, sit and be patient and wait for a Madden 23 test.