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PolicyComms - Main Group
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This is the Main group for the PolicyComms Track!

Join here AFTER you have a partner for the policy challenge.

Shrutika liked a year ago
Angeline Aquino
Water Resources Specialist
Just listened to my partner Cinta Azwiendasari's Nudgestock 2021 talk on creating a safe space for sustainability. Could not agree more with the points recommended on how we can effectively bridge the gap between sustainability intervention designers and their target audience. I think especially relevant to us in the Policy Communications track is our use of jargons and how this is essentially discrimination using words. Looking forward to learning from Cinta's experience and expertise in designing human-centered interventions for sustainability and to working on our respective articles with meaningful guidance from one another! To attend the other scheduled talks today... (More)
Bradley liked a year ago
Cinta Azwiendasari
Behaviour Design and Strategic Communications for Sustainability
Looking forward to collaborating with Angeline Aquino on our Policy Communications tasks :) We are still discussing our topics, but it will be interesting to see how we share experiences from the Southeast Asia perspective.