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Samyukta Kumar
Digital Healthcare, India
Hey! I am working on writing about the use of nudges in promoting women's healthcare. Would anyone like to partner up? I'm still looking :))
Samyukta liked a year ago
Irene Gonzalez
Economist, MBA. Education Manager. Ed-tech specialist.
Hi everyone! I want to write about the use of nudges in education. Probably, something around how to foster student engagement in hybrid environments (virtual and in-person education). Anybody would like to partner up? I am open to comment/review any topic!
Shrutika updated a year ago
Hello everyone! I am interested in writing nudges / boosts in conservation. If anyone would like to work on environment-related topics, please reach out, I would like to partner up :)
Navera liked a year ago
Rana Qarooni
PhD candidate at the University of York
Hi Everyone!

I am interested in writing about sustainable consumption and consumer habits - perhaps with a focus on sustainable shopping.

Please message me if you think this is interesting and would like to partner up. I am happy to work with someone looking at a similar or semi-related area!