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Nudge Examples: Nudges in the Wild
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Post interesting examples of nudges in the wild!


I came across this example in Nudges and Cultural Variance: a Note on Selinger and Whyte.

"Suppose that an Englishman and an Irishman go to the races and win 1K in their respective currencies. Subsequently, they invest their gains into a new bet and they lose. Then the Englishman is depressed because he lost 1K where the Irishman is indifferent because he neither gained nor lost anything. The suggestion is that the Irish are less subject to the endowment effect than the English"
So, the effect of nudges may vary according to cultures. They might work or not

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Juliana Brescianini
Analyst, Developmental Assignment

There should be some differences in effect from culture to culture, but as Nudges are contextual and should be designed based on careful diagnosis and adapted as such, the differences should be minimized if the nudge is well-designed.