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Behavioral Experiments - Find a partner!
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Join here to find a partner!

When you find a partner, LEAVE THE GROUP.

Then, join the "Behavioral Experiments Main" Group! :)

Chitra commented a year ago
Nandini Saxena
Researcher and Student
Due to a few issues, I'm looking for another partner, please feel free to message me
Gayathri followed a year ago
Hi all, is there anyone who wants to be my partner? :D
Chitra commented a year ago
Hi everyone, I am interested in working on environmental/energy related topic within the Behavioural Experiment Track. I have truly horrendous skill and knowldege in data analysis and R. So anyone with skills, available and willing to be a partner and mentor would be most appreciated. Thanks!
Chitra commented a year ago
Public servant | Lifelong learner | A work in progress
Hello. I'm seeking a partner for the Experiments track. Please message me if you're interested in working together. Thanks and keep well :)