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Sumali commented 2 days ago
J Mikhail Nacino
Policy Support Component Lead at UNDP
Sharing my latest blog on the need for behavioral change to sustain sustainable mobility, recently featured in the United Nations Development Programme website.

Would appreciate your BE/BI perspective on the write-up. :-)

Diogo liked 2 days ago
Sharing our Brazilian blog for Behavioral Economics. Share with your friends!

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Bradley Langford
Pharmacist, Antimicrobial Stewardship

This is really interesting! I suspect simplification of forms helps to reduce the friction to complete tax forms and is such is reducing "sludge". Whether it is a nudge or not perhaps could be debated but I think the simplification with the aim to improve taxpaying makes it a behavioural insights-informed intervention?

The other question seems to be more challenging is how do you assess the impact of such an intervention in the context of so many other changes? In real-world healthcare observational studies we deal with this all the time. Randomized trials would be a helpful approach to... (More)